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by on Jan.13, 2012, under Communication

Probably the easiest way we know to make a million dollars is to give the government a billion, watch carefully, and grab that last million before a bureaucrat spends it too. Of course, this is sort of going about things backward. The average person is looking to build UP to a million, not spend his or way down to it.

That being the case, a simple check of the e-mail reveals the modern secret for attaining the goal. It incorporates all of the latest technology in a fool-proof scheme that will net ANYONE at all a guaranteed income of (pick a dollar amount) per month. This money generating scheme even works while the person is asleep or running errands, doing housework or sunning at the beach. Yes, our computers, ably assisted by servers, automated processing equipment, and all of the latest software add-ons and innovations are GUARANTEED to turn anyone and his pet PC (or Mac) into a money-making machine.

No doubt you are saying to yourself, “okay, Bob, you’ve got me interested. But how?”

The first thing to keep in mind is that the name is NOT Bob. Still, this is such a sure-fire success that even wrong names can’t possibly discourage it. Why, you don’t even need a customer list or an inventory.

Have you heard enough? Still need convincing? Then check out our web site at… and read what others have to say.

Question time, Readers. What have you REALLY learned about this fantastic offer? Have you learned what product(s) or services(s) you will be selling? You have not. In fact, as nearly as we can figure out, what you would be selling is the idea of a get-rich scheme. Go to the site listed and there are more vagaries along with a pitch for a book that will reveal the secrets of this money-making marvel to you. Based upon observations of similarities in countless e-mail messages, this book probably tells the purchaser how to write an e-mail message, where to get lists of e-mail addresses, where to obtain the software to conduct mass mailings, and how to construct a similar e-book for the customer’s customers to download for whatever dollar figure anyone cares to name.

Now, pardon us. We are watching that bureaucrat and – RATS! He spent THAT million too.

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