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All about losing hair – Reasons, implications, and treatment choices: It is a widely seen ailment that affects a lot of people. Even if it doesn’t actually produce physical pain, it can have an emotional impact. Fortunately, through research, successful remedies have been discovered which can help those with male pattern baldness.

Reasons for losing hair: The main reason for hair loss in males is male pattern baldness, an ailment in which hair falls out in a precise pattern. The progression of baldness is from the scalp’s frontal zone toward the topmost part of the head. Eventually, the center of the scalp becomes devoid of any hair. Over time, male pattern baldness can lead to partial or complete hair loss. You can blame male pattern baldness on a hormone present in men called testosterone. Shortly after it is secreted, it is degraded into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) when digested by 5-alpha reductase enzymes. DHT production goes into overdrive for certain guys. When there is too much, DHT reduces the size of hair follicles so that the creation of new hair is stopped.

Additional reasons might be radiation exposure, toxic chemicals, too much anxiety, a lack of iron, an underactive thyroid, infections of the scalp, and side effects of some over the counter drugs and also generic medications.

Psychological impact of hair loss: Male pattern baldness occurs over time and is not normally painful. Younger guys especially are greatly bothered by this problem, though. They are convinced that even their sense of self is impacted by baldness. In addition, it leaves them appearing older than they really are. Frequently, men get anxious upon meeting new people, particularly when they are the opposite sex. Men losing hair end up with low self-esteem and become anxious when making public appearances.

Hair loss treatment: Losing hair doesn’t hurt you, but it does create a lot of emotional anxiety. People ailing from hair loss use many kinds of shampoos, oils, mixtures, and other things that “assure” hair growth. Nonetheless, authorities on the subject caution folks against falling for all the different herbal remedies sold today. The reason is the existence of scammers who attempt to cheat people out of their money by offering fake or questionable products.

Prescription only medication: Propecia finasteride is leaps and bounds the best treatment for hair loss due to male pattern baldness. This medication prevents DHT from skyrocketing by inhibiting the transformation of the male hormone into DHT. Through this process, Propecia aids in the formation of new hair while it limits the spread of baldness. Because it is intended for use solely by guys, ladies and kids shouldn’t take or even touch Propecia.

Also given the FDA seal of approval is Minoxidil cream, found in stores marketed as Rogaine. There is no prescription required in order to purchase some Minoxidil formulas. Simply work this cream into your scalp by massaging and repeat this for a total of two times daily. Minoxidil is safely taken by ladies as well as guys.

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