Urine drug test

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A urine drug test is the most established and widely used means to test for drugs. Testing urine for drugs is typically the cheapest and fastest way to perform a drug screening. Urine drug testing has the benefits of being non-invasive and harmless. Results come back within 24 to 48 hours and a lot of employers appreciate that it happens so quickly.

Since there are numerous testing facilities in every town, accessibility is usually considered when choosing urine tests. Testing facilities are typically close by the particular business and the appointments are normally short. The future employee just has to sign his/her name and several release forms and then urinate in a container. In most situations, an employee can shut the bathroom door halfway to have some privacy. Because a lot of urine tests can identify masking substances, the requirement to urinate while someone else is watching is virtually eliminated. The whole procedure typically lasts 20 minutes and employers can have feedback in a few hours.

In spite of urine drug testing being the most well known type of drug screening before hiring, many clever scientists have invented methods to trick these tests. There are various products that are available on the Internet and in specialty stores. There have actually been reported cases of people buying urine from a “clean” friend and substituting the clean urine to use for their own drug screening. The clean urine is put in a small plastic sack, heated, tied to the leg and substituted for their urine.

When drug testing facilities started to search for masking substances, synthetic urine was created. Usually the urine is available as a powder, however it might also be available in a liquid, ready to use version. Water is added to the powder and it includes a container and an attached thermometer. It is guaranteed that the temperature will remain correct for several hours. This imitation urine has all of the characteristics that the lab tests. Specific body temperatures and substances that are usually contained in human urine are noticed and this can be very deceiving.

Even though urine drug testing is convenient, not too invasive and generally cheap, a lot of employers know that this is also the easiest to get around. Since there are various ways to use trickery in urine tests, some employers choose to use sweat, spit or pieces of hair for alternative drug testing. While these other methods may cost more and be less convenient to use, they usually produce more reliable results.

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