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Your Cheap Generic Medication Online. Q&A

by on May.26, 2009, under Health

You bring your medicine home from the drug store.  It is your usual prescription – or so you think.  But when you shake out the first pill, you see that it doesn’t look the same as the pills you usually get.  What should you do? You check the label again to verify the name of the medication, only to discover that it’s something completely unpronounceable, containing more letters than would seem humanly possible.

This frequently happens across the United States, and could be avoided with proper patient education concerning FDA approved generic medications. When this happens, many patients immediately think someone gave them the wrong medicine or filled their prescription wrong. It is quite likely that your prescription was filled as prescribed, but with a more cost effective generic drug that is the same as the brand name you were receiving beforehand.

When we find this out, we usually go back to the pharmacy ready to argue, until the pharmacist assures us that the medication is what was prescribed, only in its generic form.

So what should you expect after getting a generic drug with regards to what seems to be on your label and in the container? These are some areas where generics tend to be obviously different than their brand-name counterparts. Realizing that there are these differences, but that the medication is still the same, can help put you at ease, and when you call or return to the pharmacist to ask questions, they’ll be better able to educate you. Please be mindful that that information below is correct, yet should not be your only source for proof of a correctly filled prescription. Contact your pharmacist prior to taking the medication if you have any doubts. Having said that, the fact is many pharmacies are sure to inform the patient about the generic medication before the patient leaves.

Here are some differences you will find with generics:

Color, Shape,  and Size:  Generic medications are usually made by generic drug companies. These are independent companies that have no connection with the brand maker of a drug. For this reason, the way they manufacture and design the appearance and size of a medication can vary. This is based entirely on the production of the pill. The styles differ a lot from one company to the next. The brand name tablet may be a different color and shape than its generic form. This is a superficial difference.  Generics are approved by the FDA to be exactly like their name brand equivalents.
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