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Could You Be Clinically Depressed?

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Could You Be Clinically Depressed? Check Out This Article to Get the Answer!

This paper deals with symptoms of clinical depression and how you can go about determining if this disease is part of your life.

When talking about clinical depression, among the points that must be clearly made is the fact that it consists of a number of contradictory symptoms. As an example, a symptom of depression may involve an person’s incapacity to fall asleep or to stay asleep. This is called insomnia. Concurrently, however, an additional symptom of clinical depression is known as hypersomnalence, which translates to “sleeping too often or all the time”.

A decrease or loss of appetite may be another symptom of depression. But do not confuse this with anorexia, a condition in which a person has a distorted view of his/her own body. The person who is anorexic sees a fat person when they look at themselves in a mirror, even though they are actually pathetically thin. Remembering this, it is vital to make the distinction between anorexia and simple loss of appetite. Another common symptom of depression that appears to be contradictory as well, is that some depressed people are over-eaters.

Another indication of depression is frequent crying sessions. This crying is not the same as that caused by sorrow from an upsetting life experience, such as the passing of a loved one. In this instance, it is common for the clinically depressed individual to be unaware of what he or she is crying over.

It is now that a distinction is needed to be made between the mental illness of clinical depression and a grieving process. There is a six-step process known as grieving that a person passes through after the death of a loved one. Once a person has navigated these six steps, beginning with denial and concluding with acceptance, the non-depressed person resumes his/her life. But a person who is clinically depressed remains in that depressed condition for an extended period of time, perhaps years, depending upon how long they wait to obtain treatment.

The onset of depression can be separated into two categories. “Early onset” depression is the first type and this occurs in those under age 21. “Late onset” depression is the type that strikes after the twenty-first birthday of the affected person. For children and adolescents, it is crucial to remember that clinical depression can appear to be irritability. For this instance the youngster or adolescent usually has problems at school.

An additional symptom of clinical depression may occur when a person has trouble concentrating. Along the same line is the individual with severe problems making seemingly easy decisions. Furthermore, the clinically depressed person can frequently show an overwhelming lack of interest. This can make life for the depressed person one of the utmost misery.

Last of all, people should understand that in order to be diagnosed with clinical depression, the preceding symptoms must occur collectively. The significance of it is that the depressed person should exhibit multiple occurrences of the aforementioned symptoms in addition to exhibiting them for no less than a month or two.

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