RM380 vs RM7,323

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Vasu (nickname) came down with fever, chills and had severe pain of the loin and groin. He could not pass urine and each attempt to do so resulted in smail amounts of pus and blood-stained material. The pain was excruciating.

His wife rushed him to a doctor whom she knew and this doctor in turn referred him to a private hospital in Penang under the care of an urologist. This hospital has been registered as a charitable institution.

Vasu went through a battery of test, X-rays, ultra-sounds and an operation. His prostate was swollen and infected. The swelling was cleared and he was put on powerful antibiotics. He recovered within a week.

Every other day of his stay in Hospital there was a call from the accounts department of the hospital to top up hi payment, which the wife promptly did.

Come discharge day the final payment had to be done and having run out of credit and having run out of credit facilities provided by her credit card she had to pawn her jewelry. The total bill came up to RM8,232.

A month had elapsed and hardly had he recovered from the trauma of the whopping bill when he felt that the painful urination war recurring.

This called for another visit to same specialist, who, after examining Vasu, suggested that he be readmitted for a repeat surgery as the prostate was swollen and infected again.

Being broke, Vasu declined admission, and called a friend who asked him to seek treatment at the Alor Star hospital where he was admitted for treatment the next day.

Almost all tests and procedures were repeated in the Alor Star hospital, which included an operation to clear the block age.

His recovery was excellent and he has since remained well, being able to pass urine without difficulty. His hospital bill amounted to a mere RM380.

A breakdown of his hospital bill is as seen on the right.

A. Lodging Charges (@RM60 per day plus Govt tax) 441.00
B. Food and Beverage Charges (60.00 + 3.00 Govt tax) 63.00
C. ECG Charges 30.00
D. Medical Equipment Charges 783.50
E. Blood Test (Laboratory Charges) 585.00
F. Charges for Medications 2,937.86
G. Charges for use of Operating Theatre 320.00
H. Charges for Materials used in the Operating Theatre 20.00
I. Charges for Medical Supplies 337.07
J. Additional Cgarges for Treatment 195.00
K. X-Ray Charges 35.00


L. Anaesthetist Charges for procedure 396.00
M. Cardiologist Consultation Charges 400.00
N. Anaesthetist Consultation Charges 60.00
O. Specialist Charges for Surgery 1,200.00
P. Soecialist Consultation Charges 380.00
Q. Nursing care 140.00

TOTAL 8,323.43


A. Board and Lodging (x 6 days) 120.00
B. In-patient Treatment Charges (2nd class x 6 days) 30.00
C. Laboratory Test 60.00
D. X-Ray Charges 20.00
E. Operation Charges 150.00

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