HGH Replacement Therapy: Point of View

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Assuming you live right and eat right, with the exception of genetic changes that are connected with age, the step-by-step process of the hormone system declining is responsible for the speed of aging.

Medical science has been aware of hormones for a good century. Nevertheless, because all people who live will eventually die, the medical field has been lagging behind in using this to stop and turn around the aging process. The underlying belief is that in some way, it is a violation of respect for life to fight with the aging process. This way of thinking about life and aging is now challenged.

Inquire within your own mind: did your body function best, with vitality and optimistically. Between the ages of 22 and 24 is what many people answer. Therefore, why not conduct a survey of the body’s hormone systems, and, through orthomolecular human hormone supplementation, restore each of them to the levels you enjoyed at ages 22 to 24?

Should you do this step, you will start to feel superiorly in just a few days. After several months you will have the same experiences that you had when you were in your early twenties. And within a year or two, your appearance will also begin to reflect how you feel.

Understand, no one can tell you that you will look 25 again, but it is very possible that you will see changes that erase 9 to 16 years of what you probably thought were irreversible signs of growing older.

The speed at which our bodies and minds age are regulated by the hormones estrogen, pregnenolone, melatonin, testosterone as well as human growth hormone; and every one of these products is currently available. People are not using these items the right way since they can buy them on the store shelves and they don’t have a clue what their hormone levels are previously or following the use of them. Ideally, one matches but does not exceed the measure of hormones normal for a twenty year old without taking extra that will not have additional benefit anyway. Varied hormones, including the naturally occurring estrogens and testerone can be acquired with a prescription. But to have the ideal outcome, every one of these hormones have to be evaluated before using supplements, and then the goal should be to have normal levels, not just an elevated level. Don’t missing out on an excellent tool for optimal health.

Looking for the right doctor to prescribe these tests will of course prove to be difficult. Many doctors cling to the philosophy that ruled the past: aging is not a disease but an inevitable process. Many people go to their physician complaining about this or that ailment only to be hear, “Well, what else do you expect? Everyone is aging, even you. Just figure out a way to accept it. Everyone inevitably dies!” Ideally, you should screen your physician prior to scheduling an initial consultation.

HGH causes the long bones to grow, and this brings an individual to his or her full grown height. The conventional belief was that this was all HGH was good for. Recent research shows that all cells in the body have HGH receptors, and HGH is functioning in various positions dealing with human metabolism in every part of the body. In fact, the brain includes receptors which, when triggered, produce endorphins, chemicals that maintain mood
levels and feeling of well-being. HGH affects skin cells by producing an even growth visible in the appearance of children’s skin. Cells inside the cerebrum wake up from sleep. That is why HGH is being considered among the newest and most effective treatments for Alzheimer’s.

Replacement therapy turns irritability, which is a common outcome of HGH deficiency, into a great feeling of well-being. Over the course of several years, the bone cells will create new bone, and reverse the effects of osteoporosis. Fat cells die off to create energy for the body. The gain of pounds about the midsection, which is very characteristic of a deficiency of HGH, is gone in a few months. Muscle cells respond by increasing in size and strength, particularly in the upper body. The power and stamina of being young comes back. Many people regain the ability to read without reading glasses, as the eye’s ciliary muscle recovers its former strength.

Complete Hormone Rejuvenation Treatment — The concept behind this is returning hormone concentrations to their youthful level. Thereafter, anyone’s natural hormone production most commonly will follow a steady decline. You may have considered it the “normal signs of aging,” but it could also be called “multiple system degenerative disease.” If you could avoid the so-called inevitable signs of the disease called growing older, wouldn’t you do what you could?


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