Goodbye Job 2

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Attitudes like that died, fast and furious with the recession of the 1990’s.

It was a period that some have come to call the “white collar recession.” For the first time, professional workers within offices found their jobs and careers at risk, as a particularly nasty wave of economic restructuring took place. The period of downsizing also led to a very significant change in the attitude that many people had towards the corporation.

Why? Because many individuals came to believe that the corporate world had come to break the social contract that had long existed in the previous 100 years. After all, people came to realize that the company they worked for might choose to let them go at any time, without warning. How could they possibly be loyal to the company, when the company no longer guaranteed them a job for life?

Such changing attitudes led to a rather unique situation, in which many of those who found themselves in a difficult situation decided not to seek another job in the corporate sector. Instead, economists began to notice that vast numbers of them were deciding to take care of themselves by establishing their own small company, often working out of their home. Rather than seeking a job, they were setting themselves up to provide their skills and talents to the corporate sector on a part time basis.

Of course, this line of thinking fit the mindset of the corporate world of the time. Many large organizations came to be reluctant to hire full time staff, given the fact that severance packages had become rather extreme. They were all too eager to hire the contingent workforce that was appearing before their very eyes.


There are those who believe that technology will help to enshrine the concept of the nomadic workforce, and as with everything, the Internet will play a key role.

Why? The reason is simple: the Internet is the foundation for an economy in which a growing number of nomadic workers are able to easily serve an ever-increasing number of clients located far beyond their local geographic area. The era of inexpensive global telecommunications is upon us, one in which e-mail, telephones, cell phones, faxes, and video conferencing allow people to work from anywhere, at any time. This means that many more people will choose to go the independent route, and because of the lifestyle implications, will choose to work from a home office.

Does this mean that we are doomed to a world in which once again, people are but a few minutes away from their place of work? Not at all – indeed, those who work at home have come to realize that social interaction remains a key element of the working world. So even while they’ll work at home, they’ll also come to quickly and frequently jump on the automobile of the 21st century – the jet airplane. With a client base that is global in nature, the nomadic worker will come to find that even though they don’t have a job, their job will continue to take them to far away.

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