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by on Aug.17, 2011, under History Facts

Beans! For Clarence, that may have been a million dollar can of beans. I can see the ad now, “These beans…” takes a big bite directly from the can, “… taste like a million bucks.”

So, yes, Clarence messed up. However, he handled himself extremely well during his verbal beating. While each member (except Jessie – after watching the show and the extra 47 minutes of footage, I’m not sure if Jessie can actually speak – she never talks!) took a turn telling Clarence he was wrong, dammit. Clarence sat and listened, didn’t downplay what he did, didn’t try to over-defend himself, apologized, gave his argument but a few times (“I made a call. Diane was sick and I thought she needed help. You weren’t here, so I made a call.”), and accepted the fact that he will be skating on thin ice for a while until he rebuilds people’s trust, which may never happen.

Clarence impressed me. Yes, he messed up big time, but how he handled himself afterwards was a model of diplomacy and inner strength.

Others impressed me, also (not as much as Clarence, but I’m sure they’ll have their chances). Both Lex and Ethan put Clarence on the spot, never backed down, never yelled, they kept their cool and very clearly, logically explained why they were pissed and why they were going to remain pissed for a long time.

Let’s move on to Big Tom. Here’s an exchange between Kelly and Kim J while they were on watch. They paint a very clear picture of this huge, good ‘ole boy.

While talking about how some things and some people are difficult to handle…

Kelly: I think Tom will be able to effectively comisserate almost anything.
Kim J: He’s a funny guy, though. His sense of humor’s cute. I love ‘em.
Kelly: Yeah, he is funny.
Kim J: He really, I think, had no clue as far as what he was going to do.
Kelly: It’s like he thought that everyone was going to be like me.
Kim J: I know…
Kelly: -smiles to herself, thinks a bit- He’s cute…
Kim J: Well, he didn’t really ever travel too much away from there to know what other people are… you know? I mean he sort of knows about when he went out to L.A. just for the tryouts and stuff… that he was sort of like…
Kelly: Lost!
Kim J: … like the Clampetts, you know, going to…
Kelly: It does.
Kim J: It’s funny, he just goes with the flow and enjoys whatever it is.
Kelly: You know, he seems beyond his element, which is really good. You just gotta be, you know, when you think about people whining and stuff, that guy’s got to be more out of his element than anybody.
Kim J: Yeah! Oh, I know.
Kelly: In a way, I guess he’s more into it, because he’s used to sleeping under the stars, and he’s used to farming. But he’s being around us…
Kim J: He’s used to being simple.
Kelly: Right. But he’s being around a bunch of people who just… are like aliens.

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