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by on Aug.08, 2011, under History Facts

Thanks to Survivor Insider, I am able to bring you greater insight and lots of nifty pictures. You’ll like it!

Having had a few days to ponder since the first Survivor 3 episode, I shall now provide insight and brilliance. Also, since I still have RealPass working on my computer (I thought I cancelled this after Big Brother ended with a gag me), I have watched these extra scenes (18 of them, some of them pretty good I must say) and will offer even greater insight (and lots of pictures) into things not shown on TV.

Probably the biggest issue on people’s Survivor minds is, “Did Diane or did Clarence lie? Did Diane request the beans or did Clarence insist she eat them even after she said she didn’t want any?” And the second biggest issue is how come Diane’s hair, after having been made fun of so much, became even BIGGER on the Today show?

First of all, just like CBS did with Big Brother, on the special Survivor Insider internet stuff, they didn’t really provide anything really juicy. This is idiotic. All they had to do was broadcast on the internet that they are showing the actual conversation Clarence and Diane had and people would be signing up for more inside scoops by the millions. Instead, some executive sat in a meeting and said, “No, let’s not do that. Instead, lets show lots of boring stuff and hope that people will still sign up and pay for this extra crap.”

I should be in marketing. Right off the bat they had a chance to create an internet buzz. But they blew it.


What they DID show, however, was the entire conversation that the tribe had with Clarence. It was basically what we saw on television, just repeated more times by other tribe members and lasting for several minutes.

As you can see from the pictures, we definitely have Diane smirk action. This is what my psychic spy-babes tell me she was thinking. “I’m trying NOT to smirk, but I can’t help it. I hear Clarence being called a liar and smirkness happens. During the challenge, I died. I had to be carried off the playing field.

The team definitely sees me as the weakest member, but now they can’t trust Clarence with the food. And instead of speaking up and defending him, I’m going to lie here and just smirk, smirk, smirk. Look at me! I’m smirking! And then Clarence tossed the can sort of to hide it and I am loving life. Will they view lack of trust to be more important than lack of strength? My smirk hopes so!”

What would I ever do without my psychic spy-babes to give me such insight?

Did Diane ask for the beans? I don’t know, but I doubt it. Did Clarence sincerely believe she needed to eat? Yes. Where Clarence messed up was a) he finished off the can, b) he tossed the can – maybe even hid it, and c) didn’t mention it first thing to the others in the tribe. And yet, Diane did nothing to defend him and, in fact, made things worse by saying she told Clarence she didn’t want the beans. (Editor’s note: In this last smirk picture, do not, I repeat, do NOT be distracted by the fleeting glimpse of Jessie’s yellow underwear.)

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