Eat Smart. Part 1

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This month’s goal: Consume an ideal mix of protein, carbs and fats and boost your water intake even more

WEEK 1 Kick off Month Two by keeping a food diary for the first two days of the week. (It’s a chore, but worth it.) On the third day, look back and circle foods on your list that supply protein: meats, poultry, fish, seafood, dairy, beans and soy foods. Limit fatty meats, fried fish and full-fat dairy products, but make sure you get the protein you need to build strong muscles. Tops on the healthy-protein list: lean beef and pork; skinless chicken; fish; nonfat or lowfat dairy; and soy foods such as tofu. You need to have two servings of dairy and 4 to 6 ounces of meats or meat alternatives daily (60 to 80 grams of protein; visit www.nutrition.gov for a list of protein grams in various foods.) Strive to work protein into all meals, but you can consider your goal met and mark it in your log if you eat protein at two meals daily.

WEEK 2 You goal this week is to eat fat. (Yippee!) Just make sure it’s the right fat. Check out your food diary again; circle fried foods, sources of heart-damaging saturated fat (fatty meats such as ground beef) and trans fats (found in packaged snack foods). Your mission: Replace these villains with “good” fats—olive, peanut or flaxseed oils; nuts; fish and other seafood—at two meals a day.

WEEK 3 This week, aim to weed out unhealthy carbs. Says Brownlee, “We’re hoping you can spot—and nix!—carbs that are loaded with sugar, such as soda, fruit drinks and cookies.” Your goal instead? Eat six or more servings of whole-grain cereals, breads and brown rice per day.

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