Hmmm, Do I Go for the Skis or the Bowling Shoes?

by on Sep.05, 2012, under Entertainment

Buying new ski gear can be a confusing and intimidating experience. All the different equipment styles, colors and designs, combined with the salesperson so young he looks like he’s skipping social studies class, is enough to make a used-car salesman seem like a swell guy. And with the constantly changing technical who-ha and jargon, you almost need a mechanical engineering degree to figure out what’s right for you. (continue reading…)

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Simple Gifts Ideas Inspired by Louisa May Alcott

by on Jun.15, 2012, under Entertainment

Adopt a wish on a giving tree.
Share your voice: Make an audio recording of your favorite story. (continue reading…)

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Children’s Art Unforgettable Gifts

by on Mar.01, 2012, under Entertainment

Looking for unique gifts for grandparents, teachers and friends? Children’s art is an ideal gift for all occasions. Here are a few suggestions.

Framed drawings and paintings
Some children like to give away paintings from their collection. Others prefer more personal renditions, such as memories of a picnic or roller-coaster ride shared with the recipient. Leave the choice of topic and media up to your child. Make sure the artist’s name, date and title appear with the drawing. As a finishing touch, mat or mount the artwork and frame it. (continue reading…)

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What does Everyone Think about this

by on Jan.16, 2012, under Entertainment

“How long will it take to talk with the local merchants? Who will have to go into town and decide on what items they can purchase? Will WE will have to make sure all things are clearly priced?” (continue reading…)

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Floor Supervision Promotion

by on Jan.06, 2012, under Entertainment

As the saying goes, “You can’t get somethin’ for nothin’.” And that’s certainly often the case when it comes to fitness advice, especially as personal training continues to grow in popularity. However, at the Cooper Fitness Center, staff goes the extra mile to ensure all members get the service and advice needed to get the most fitness benefits — on the house. (continue reading…)

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Kitschy Christmas

by on Nov.09, 2011, under Entertainment

Bubble lights? Old fashioned “Flexible Flyer” sled? Fiestaware? Fun, funky, and the ’50s and ’60s come to mind when I think back to the holidays of my youth which featured all of those things. Get sets of the large, colorful outdoor lightbulbs (nightlight-size) and do some time traveling with your decorating! (continue reading…)

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Saved By the Nell

by on Jul.22, 2011, under Entertainment

Anyone who watches “Ally McBeal” knows the lithe lawyer has a thing for short skirts. This season, her hemline has crept up an inch, simultaneously defying fashion trends and the law of gravity (how does she sit down?). (continue reading…)

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How to Get a Cheap Oil Change Without Getting Ripped Off Post 2

by on Apr.08, 2011, under Entertainment

How to protect yourself, Part Two:

Choose your quick lube shop carefully. All you need is a cheap, quick oil change. The less other services they sell, the less they can try to upsell you.

It’s not that hard to tell if a shop is a pure lube shop. First, shops that just do lubrication are usually pretty small; the Quaker State ones along the East coast are tiny. Second, they’re built as a drive-through building, like a car wash. And third, if you peek in the door, they don’t have much equipment. There are no lifts, they just roll the car over a pit. There is no heavy machinery, just a bunch of hoses hanging from the ceiling, and a few wrenches hanging on a rack. (continue reading…)

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How to Get a Cheap Oil Change Without Getting Ripped Off Post 1

by on Apr.01, 2011, under Entertainment

Modern cars are getting so reliable that if your car has less than 70,000 miles on it, it probably only needs to be taken to a repair shop for a tune-up and checkup every 20,000 miles. That leaves one itch to scratch: oil changes.
(continue reading…)

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Game Plan

by on Feb.15, 2011, under Entertainment

When we have family get-togethers, the littlest kids play with their toys, and the other kids, including the teens, play family games. We’re wondering if we should try something different; are we being too old-fashioned?

(continue reading…)

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