Power in the middle

by on Feb.27, 2012, under Communication

These new Internet middlemen are willing to take a smaller cut of the action than their cold-calling corporeal ancestors, for the simple reason that their overhead costs are typically much lower. (Charles Schwab maintains more than 276 offices around the United States; its primary online competitor, Palo Alto, Calif.-based E*Trade, has two. (continue reading…)

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Want To Make A Million Dollars

by on Jan.13, 2012, under Communication

Probably the easiest way we know to make a million dollars is to give the government a billion, watch carefully, and grab that last million before a bureaucrat spends it too. Of course, this is sort of going about things backward. The average person is looking to build UP to a million, not spend his or way down to it.

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Program Helps Track Online Visitors

by on Dec.14, 2011, under Communication

Business Week magazine recently reported that about 60 per cent of small businesses don’t have a World Wide Web site. That means quite a few entrepreneurs aren’t yet convinced of the potential of on-line business.

But what about the other 40 per cent? Do they believe that their Web site is working for them?

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Mine the riches of government Web sites

by on Dec.01, 2011, under Communication

Sometimes it seems that governments don’t understand the Internet and its critical importance for small business as the backbone of the emerging global wired economy. Yet there is at least one federal government department that does “get” the Net: Industry Canada.

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Are you Just Starting at University If so, you’d Better Read Net Girl’s Top Uni’ Tips! Part 2

by on Nov.02, 2011, under Communication

If it’s cold where you are, a house party could be just the thing to perk your spirits. And if it’s Summer in your country what better time to gather your friends in the garden and have fun under the sun. City 2000′s Cocktail Club is a new on-line cocktail guide with hundreds of fab cocktails ranging from traditional Tequila Sunrise to the obscure which are submitted by cocktail makers the world over. The Cocktail Club has a barman named Shake-Happy who mixes the recipes but unfortunately lacks the sex appeal of Tom Cruise! Cocktails are great at parties because you can mix all kinds of drink and have a schoolboy chuckle at cocktails like Blow Jobs and Ugly Virgin. If you’re planning a party follow the Net Girl guide to get the party swinging. (continue reading…)

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Are you Just Starting at University If so, you’d Better Read Net Girl’s Top Uni’ Tips! Part 1

by on Oct.25, 2011, under Communication

1. Student bank accounts tempt students by offering free cash, music vouchers or railcards. Choose the one that gives you the largest interest-free overdraft instead.
2. Make sure you have ample supply of condoms, an electric blanket, an alarm clock and map of the town.
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The Unknown. Part 2

by on Jul.02, 2011, under Communication

Skoll held the title of president until Meg Whitman came on board, according to Skoll and Omidyar’s wishes. Along with conceiving strategy and development, Skoll has assumed responsibility for eBay’s burgeoning customer support operations until management hires someone else. If Omidyar is the visionary, Skoll is the strategist. He shaped eBay’s business plan while the two were still working out of their living rooms in the summer of 1996. (continue reading…)

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The Unknown. Part 1

by on Jul.02, 2011, under Communication

Jeff Skoll

Nothing’s unusual about five guys renting a house together and chipping in to buy furniture. But one of them is a billionaire and could buy the whole block, if not the city.

Jeff Skoll, the 34-year-old vice president of strategic planning and analysis for eBay, proudly shows a visitor the 10-piece nondescript furniture set he and his roomies have just purchased at the bargain-basement price of $2,000 for their home in Palo Alto, Calif. (continue reading…)

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