Bruce’s Journal Week Nine

by on Jan.27, 2012, under Exercise

Well, I did not exercise this week because I had the flu. I went to the doctor twice and missed a day of work. All in all, it was not a pleasant week. I did try to regulate my caloric intake, but on Sunday I was so ill that I had to order a pizza, since there was nothing to eat in the house and I just couldn’t leave the couch. It was a miserable day.

I did try to drink a lot of orange juice and popped some vitamin C, but I don’t know if that whole vitamin C thing is a myth or not. The doctor mentioned that sometimes while a person is trying to quit smoking the immune system takes a little nosedive, but these words offer little consolation as I almost coughed out my right lung last week.

After this affliction passes, I think I will have to work slowly back into my routines at the gym. I have a feeling that I will not be able to start where I left off. The good news however is that my weight did not change. Whoo hoo.


Sharon’s Reply
Hi Bruce,

Sorry you were feeling so badly — it didn’t seem to stop you from eating this week! You would think with the flu and fever, you would just waste away. The drop in your activity level kind of made up for the decreased appetite. Some food ideas to help you when you are sick:

Chicken soup — The hot soup helps unclog the airways and gives you fluids. Some also think there is a special healing component in chicken soup. Vitamin C — Orange juice and other citrus fruits may help your immune system fight those nasty bugs. You can also get vitamin C from potatoes, green peppers, strawberries and bananas. You may still have an increased need for this because you were recently a smoker. I, also, have had people tell me they had difficulty with colds after they stopped smoking.

Ginger — Fresh ginger can help treat the flu. Is there ginger in that ethnic food you ate this week? You can even make a tea of freshly grated ginger. Hot and spicy foods — Some people find that hot, zesty spices relieve the congestion.

Garlic — Garlic may reduce your symptoms. Add it to your foods or even try chewing a raw clove (no one wants to be near you anyway!). Fluids — Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated and fight those bugs. You are losing lots of fluid with the nose blowing, coughing, open-mouth sleeping and fever-induced sweating. Have you tried hot water mixed with lemon?

Echinacea — This popular herb can also improve the immune system. Only use it for up to six weeks. Hope you are back to your energetic, productive self real soon!

Armand’s Reply

Sorry to hear about your bout with the flu. When you are sick, nothing seems important except getting better. I also feel that sickness makes you realize how important your health is. It provides an opportunity for you to consider how much you want to take care of yourself going forward — from eating healthily and quitting smoking to exercising regularly. When you are well again, try to remember how bad you felt during your sickness and use that as motivation to do whatever you can to stay well.

As you say, definitely start off slower than you think when you resume exercising. Try for three good cardio sessions, working up a sweat. Maybe try just two weight sessions — don’t worry about the amount of weight, just focus on your form and the number of reps you can do.

Take it easy, Bruce.


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