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If it’s cold where you are, a house party could be just the thing to perk your spirits. And if it’s Summer in your country what better time to gather your friends in the garden and have fun under the sun. City 2000′s Cocktail Club is a new on-line cocktail guide with hundreds of fab cocktails ranging from traditional Tequila Sunrise to the obscure which are submitted by cocktail makers the world over. The Cocktail Club has a barman named Shake-Happy who mixes the recipes but unfortunately lacks the sex appeal of Tom Cruise! Cocktails are great at parties because you can mix all kinds of drink and have a schoolboy chuckle at cocktails like Blow Jobs and Ugly Virgin. If you’re planning a party follow the Net Girl guide to get the party swinging.

Forget food. It will only end up trodden in the carpet and you’ll find cheese straws surfacing from your sofa three weeks later.

Think Drink. Make sure everyone brings lots of drink. Empty your fridge and stack it with booze. Have a good supply of mixers at hand and whip up a bowl of non-alcoholic punch. Impress your guests with a selection of cocktails from the Cocktail Club.

Blitz your house. Move all furniture to the walls and remove anything valuable, breakable or edible. Place ashtrays everywhere or your plants will be growing stubs. Build a tower of toilet rolls in the bathroom because someone will need them.

Music Meastro! What sort of atmosphere are you creating? You can’t beat the Prodigy or a compilation album (try any of the ‘Best Dance/Rave Album in the World ever!’ series) to get the party going and to ensure next door’s pictures have agood boogie too. Exercise caution with any compilation with ‘party’ in the title or you will end up singing ‘Agadoo’ to your cat because your guests have left. A 60′s, 70′s or 80′s album is always a winner.

Theme Thinking. Theme parties can work well as long as you invite people who will get into the swing of it. I once went to a Pulp Fiction party as Uma Thurman in black bob wig but I was careful not to die half way through. Vicars and Tarts is old hat but lookalike parties are increasingly popular. A few safety pins on a black dress and you’re Liz Hurley. Lend your boyfriend your skirt and voila! he’s David Beckham.

Party People. People make the party so make sure you have the right party people and you’re there. Avoid trouble makers but invite at least one joker, one party trickster and a couple of friends who will stay and clear up the next morning. A good mix of single people and couples of various ages will guarantee fun.

Warning! You may long for passion under the coat pile but make sure the person you clinch under the coats hasn’t left his partner downstairs or there’ll be more fireworks than the opening ceremony of the World Cup.


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