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by on Jan.31, 2012, under Fitness

What is incentive game programming? Let us first begin with a brief discussion on why people do or do not exercise, which will lead us back to this question. It has been argued that lack of motivation is the most important deterrent to regular exercise.2 A person needs some sort of self-motivation in order to come to your club to work out, and this can be for intrinsic or extrinsic reasons. (continue reading…)

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Bruce’s Journal Week Nine

by on Jan.27, 2012, under Exercise

Well, I did not exercise this week because I had the flu. I went to the doctor twice and missed a day of work. All in all, it was not a pleasant week. I did try to regulate my caloric intake, but on Sunday I was so ill that I had to order a pizza, since there was nothing to eat in the house and I just couldn’t leave the couch. It was a miserable day.

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Implementation Process

by on Jan.23, 2012, under Health

The challenge is to identify and quantify the right five drivers for each person. Once created, these drivers will help run a smooth club operation. (continue reading…)

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What does Everyone Think about this

by on Jan.16, 2012, under Entertainment

“How long will it take to talk with the local merchants? Who will have to go into town and decide on what items they can purchase? Will WE will have to make sure all things are clearly priced?” (continue reading…)

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Want To Make A Million Dollars

by on Jan.13, 2012, under Communication

Probably the easiest way we know to make a million dollars is to give the government a billion, watch carefully, and grab that last million before a bureaucrat spends it too. Of course, this is sort of going about things backward. The average person is looking to build UP to a million, not spend his or way down to it.

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Floor Supervision Promotion

by on Jan.06, 2012, under Entertainment

As the saying goes, “You can’t get somethin’ for nothin’.” And that’s certainly often the case when it comes to fitness advice, especially as personal training continues to grow in popularity. However, at the Cooper Fitness Center, staff goes the extra mile to ensure all members get the service and advice needed to get the most fitness benefits — on the house. (continue reading…)

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Useful Treatment For Hair Loss

by on Jan.02, 2012, under Men's Health

All about losing hair – Reasons, implications, and treatment choices: It is a widely seen ailment that affects a lot of people. Even if it doesn’t actually produce physical pain, it can have an emotional impact. Fortunately, through research, successful remedies have been discovered which can help those with male pattern baldness.

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