Massage vs. Bodywork – Is There a Difference? Part 2

by on Oct.29, 2012, under Fitness

Now, I can hear many people saying, “she was sick for three days and you say GREAT?”

Oh, yes. My next words to her were, “you didn’t want to keep that inside you, did you? Who knows how that would have manifested?” (continue reading…)

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It’s the Rage

by on Oct.23, 2012, under Children's Health

Have you ever overreacted to something that happened at a sporting event? Maybe an umpire called your son out at a Little League baseball game, and you were sure he made it to home plate ahead of the ball. If you ran onto the field screaming and cursing at the umpire, you exhibited a growing phenomenon called sport rage. (continue reading…)

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Massage vs. Bodywork – Is There a Difference? Part 1

by on Oct.18, 2012, under Fitness

There are many massage therapists and types of bodyworkers working in the health industry. It can get confusing figuring out who is who and who can do what. Here are some tips that may help you to choose the right therapist. (continue reading…)

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Useful Tips for Lowering Stress at Work

by on Oct.10, 2012, under Health

Shake your “booty.” Whether you are on the verge of exploding or you’re just feeling a little tense, exercise will almost always help lower your stress level. If you are healthy and you don’t use this technique you may be suffering from a condition commonly known as “laziness.” (continue reading…)

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Wounds: Bleeding Severely?

by on Oct.04, 2012, under Health

Most people can handle cuts, scrapes, and puncture wounds without much trouble. But when wounds bleed severely, follow these emergency measures: (continue reading…)

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Do You Have Diabetes?

by on Oct.03, 2012, under Diet

If you are over 40 you should have a blood test at least once a year. Ask your doctor to test for cholesterol and for diabetes. My husband’s diabetes went undetected for a year, and now we are working to reverse some of the effects. If it had continued unchecked he could have wound up in a coma or worse. (continue reading…)

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Confluencia, Plaza de Mulas

by on Sep.24, 2012, under Sports

We got up early to get this long day started. Today is going to be an 18-mile hike. The trail was good and the scenery spectacular. The valley is immense and looks like the Karakorum. The trail was easy for about three hours and then it got rocky and difficult. (continue reading…)

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Physical Findings About Apnea

by on Sep.19, 2012, under Health

The physical findings of obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS) can be obvious from across the room; while asleep, people with OSAHS tend to snore and take long pauses (greater than 10 seconds) in their breathing. (continue reading…)

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How Tai Chi Improves Balance

by on Sep.13, 2012, under Wellness

The benefits of daily practice are extremely useful. Tai Chi doesn’t only promote personal growth, but more importantly, it helps one emerging from limitations. (continue reading…)

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Hmmm, Do I Go for the Skis or the Bowling Shoes?

by on Sep.05, 2012, under Entertainment

Buying new ski gear can be a confusing and intimidating experience. All the different equipment styles, colors and designs, combined with the salesperson so young he looks like he’s skipping social studies class, is enough to make a used-car salesman seem like a swell guy. And with the constantly changing technical who-ha and jargon, you almost need a mechanical engineering degree to figure out what’s right for you. (continue reading…)

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